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Specimen 0625c


Specimen 0625c is a short film about a simple man from the Southern U.S., 0625, who has been forced to repeatedly crawl through a mysterious maze. Over and over again he has tried and failed to reach the end. Just when he thinks he has reached it, he’s turned off via a device implanted directly into his spinal cord and reset to the beginning of the maze. Now he is more determined than ever to escape and finally confront his unknown captors. This time he has a gruesome plan to accomplish it, but what he didn’t plan on, was her. 0732, a smart, quiet little girl has also been activated and 0625 must convince her to follow him and go along with his daring plan. But what lies in wait at the end of the maze is not at all what they were expecting.

Our Aim

We plan on submitting Specimen 0625c to dozens of film festivals around the world. In order to make the film accessible to the widest possible audience, we will release the film on YouTube, Vimeo, and IMDb after it's festival run has ended. Depending on its reception and our funds, we hope to either adapt the story into a feature length film or make a series of webisodes.

Cast & Crew

  • Mark Bauer

    Mark is the writer, director and producer of Specimen 0625c. This is the third short film that Mark has directed. View Mark's IMDB page here.

  • Rich Robards
    production designer

    Rich is the brains behind the set and construction of Specimen 0625c. Rich thought outside the box to engineer an ingenious dolly track that could be operated from outside the maze. View Rich's IMDB page here.

  • Lanny Thomas

    Lanny is an accomplished local actor, director and writer and plays the role of 0625, a simple blue collar man from the southern US. View Lanny's IMDB page here.

  • Hanna Burda

    With the poise and ability of a seasoned professional, newcomer Hanna plays the role of 0732, a smart, shy girl unsure of where she is but brave enough to confront whatever comes her way.

  • Carole Robards
    co-production designer

    Carole was a force to be reckoned with, expertly guiding the crew through the set building phase and helping Rich design and engineer the set with excellent proficiency.

  • Cole Johnson

    With masterful camera work, Cole set the tone for Specimen 0625c as well as special effects during post-production.

  • Wade Bishop
    art director

    Art director, props master, part-time make up effects, photographer, camera assist, there's nothing Wade didn't do as an invaluable member of the crew. View Wade's IMDB page here.

  • Glenn Hodgson
    sound designer

    A professional audio technician and virtuoso in the editing room, Glenn recorded, edited, and helped master all audio in Specimen 0625c.

  • Joe Fisher
    special fx make-up

    Joe is a renowned make-up effects artist and lent his creative genious to Specimen 0625c, working with Wade to design the look of the neck implants. View Joe's IMDB page here.

  • Randin Graves
    original music

    Randin is an award winning film composer and provided the beautiful and mysterious score for Specimen 0625c. View Randin's IMDB page here.

  • Heather Whitaker
    Script Supervisor

    Always willing to fill in and do whatever we need her to, Heather's postive can-do attitude was crucial to the success of Specimen 0625c.

Production Photos

Behind the Scenes Videos

Building the Set:

The set was design and enginereed by Rich and Carole Robards and building it was no easy feat. It took an army of gracious volunteers toiling their nights and weekends away. In the end it tooks us about 2 months, but you can view it all coming together in under 5 minutes of timelapse video below:

News & Press


03/25/13 -- All post production completed, now to start submitting to festivals!
03/03/13 -- Kickstarter campaign ended and we were 155% funded!!! Thanks to all the contributors
03/02/13 -- The film was extremely well received at the Tally Shorts Film Festival
01/26/13 -- Edit lock imposed, now to the special FX, music, and audio mastering!
01/20/13 -- Wrap Party AND left-handed bowling!
01/12/13 -- Rough 1st edit completed. Looking good!
01/05/13 -- Principal photography has wrapped! Post Production begins!


No press just yet, check back later.

Festivals & Screenings

Tally Shorts Film Festival

Specimen 0625c will feature in the first annual Tally Shorts festival in beautiful Tallahassee Florida!

Tally Shorts

More festivals and screenings will be coming soon, check back often to see if Specimen 0625c is playing near you!

Trailer & Press Kit


Posters & Media Kit

Download Press Kit

If you would like high-res, full-size versions of the poster or Press kit, please contact us


A very special thanks to the following for making this film possible:

• Jesse Beleck
• The Entire Robards Family
• John Stevenson
• David Wildes
• Tallahassee Community College

Thanks to our generous cast of "extra specimens":

Adrian Amos
Ashlee Robards
Beth Doucette
Brent Woodruff
Celestine Woodruff
River Spencer
Lilah Amos-Busch
Lizzy Kelley
Mari Robards
Matt Robards
Michael Robards
Rob Wicker
Rodney Carroll
Steve Doucette
Steven Weldon
Temitayo Fayemi
Troy Spencer

A huge thanks to all the Kickstarter contributors:

  • Phillip Ada
  • Eric Adair
  • Stephen L. Antczak
  • Joost Baaij
  • Paul and Keri Bauer
  • Charla Bauer
  • Barbara and John Burda
  • Geoff Burda and Heather Whitaker
  • Carl C. Burgers
  • Carly Echerri
  • Tayo Fayemi
  • Frode
  • Leonitis Furlough
  • Christopher T. Gibbs
  • Greg and Carolyn Hicks
  • Anders Buus Jensen
  • Thor Johnson
  • Wendy Leader Johnston
  • Lizzy Kelley
  • Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere
  • Garrett Malone
  • Peter McQuillan
  • Dave & Marlene Meloney
  • Ben McCune
  • Jeremy Milsom
  • Eduardo and Kathryn Miyar
  • Jason Payne
  • Regina Phalange
  • Dustin Quasar
  • Mike and Deb Robards
  • M. Jason Robards
  • Kyle Saggers
  • Scott Sears
  • Matti Smith
  • Alexander Thiel
  • Adelaide Whitaker
  • Zannalov

Contact & Donate

Every Little Bit Helps

While we have completed the short film we are currently working in expanding Specimen into bigger and better things such as series of webisodes or a feature length film. However, the rental of facilities, storing the set, and payment of crew takes signifcant funds. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide!

We sincerely thank you for all your help and any donations will result in a special thanks in the credits and on this website as well as a digital copy of the film.

If you would like to contact a member of the crew please send us an email.